Redeem your credit card points for prizes!

Aside from the many familiar benefits that credit cards offer to consumers, what some people don’t know yet is that you can earn points on your card purchases and get great rewards with them.

Thinking of letting more people know about this advantage, we have written this post to explain how you should proceed to redeem your credit card points for rewards.

In addition to making it easy for you to shop, using the card can help you get prizes!

Some Credit Card Advantages

Some Credit Card Advantages

Credit card is usually the most sought after option for those who want to consume and accumulate advantages. Check out some facilities that credit offers.

Credit Usage

The main advantage of credit cards is that you can make purchases and only pay for them later, on the invoice date. This makes it possible to buy even if you have no money at the moment.


You can parcel out the value of the purchases and with this it is possible to buy higher value goods that would not be possible to buy in cash.


The card means you don’t have to carry large amounts of cash. In addition, you have services such as fraud, loss and theft insurance. In case of problems with card purchases, it is much easier to get help from the bank and even money back, as all transactions are tracked and archived in your register.

Easy online shopping

Nowadays, many online stores offer the option of payment via boleto. However, this method is not practical as you have to go to a lottery to pay it and still wait for the payment to be approved before the delivery time starts to count.

With the card, you make the purchase and pay immediately, having the payment approved in seconds. With this, you do not need to move and the deadline starts counting from the day of purchase.

Can I redeem credit card points for which rewards?

Can I redeem credit card points for which rewards?

There are several options for you to exchange your accumulated points for products or services you prefer. Signing up for loyalty programs (required to earn points) is usually done automatically as soon as you start using the card. If it does not occur automatically, you can register through your bank’s website.

Check out some of the options you can choose when you want to redeem your points:

Air miles

You can use the card to get trips for the whole family!

This is perhaps the best known advantage for consumers. There are several loyalty programs on the market that allow you to redeem points for airline tickets.

However, there is an important detail: You must be enrolled in the program in order to take advantage of the points. This means that it is no use accumulating a thousand points and only after registering. Stay tuned to get the best out of it.

The calculation for points accrual depends on the amount of your invoices, and the account is made in dollars (even if you don’t buy anything in dollars, only in reais). Each dollar can range from 1 to 2.2 points, depending on the category of your card and the airline you will trade with.

Points are valid for up to two years, so plan to use them within this time frame. This mileage system is usually worth it for those who spend enough to accumulate a good amount of points. Some cards offer options whose points have no expiration date, but, on the other hand, usually charge much more expensive annuities.


If you have no interest in earning miles, you may choose to redeem your points for prizes. It is possible, for example, to be able to exchange them for electronics, appliances, among many other products.

As with miles, it is also important to keep track of the validity of points, so make sure that you redeem them for products that might be of interest to you and your home.


Another option popular with consumers is to exchange the score, or part of it, for discounts on services and leisure.

Itaú is one of the most sought after banks because of the benefits it offers. Immediately, by becoming a client of the institution, you are entitled to buy half-price tickets for cinema, theater and concerts. In addition, Itaú is a partner of several online stores and offers discounts on purchases on these sites.

Other examples are Bankate and Caressbank, which offer discounts on mobile recharge. To find out what advantages your card offers, just check the site or contact customer service.

Be careful not to get complicated

Be careful not to get complicated

Use the card only if you need to! There’s no point in spending too much to earn points because you could hurt your budget. And be wary of cards that have no expiration date to use the points, after all, they can offset this advantage by raising the price of the fees they charge. If, unfortunately, you get into debt, don’t waste your time and learn how.

It is common for consumers to “get excited” about the possibility of exchanging credit card points for rewards, and thus spend more than they should due to the possibility of getting these rewards.

So be careful not to compromise your budget due to these advantages. Also, be wary of cards whose points have no expiration date. In such cases, institutions often charge more in other fees to compensate.

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