Making Money From Your Credit Card.

Many carriers, instead of offering a common points program, allow their consumers to earn money from their credit card. The alternative works as a decash back system, that is, a “cash back” system according to the purchase that is made.

Having a points program can offer advantages. Often, however, the accumulation of stitches is slow, and the individual has a feeling of never achieving what is necessary to make the switch to an interesting product. The cash-back system, however, is more practical, and aims to lessen this kind of disappointment.

This type of service is still offered by a small portion of Brazilian companies. The way it is performed is also different: there are situations where credit returns on the invoice; in others, credit may be used to pay for services.

The more you buy on the card, the more consumers can benefit from the differentiated benefits program.

Some of the programs are also free, while others require a fee. Therefore, it is important to read the contract carefully, and talk to your card carrier.

Where to make money with your credit card?

Where to make money with your credit card?

In Brazil, one of the companies offering the differentiated advantages program is Yebank. To use the system, you have to pay monthly fee of $ 19. Therefore, the option is worth it only if the consumer spends at least $ 1,500 per month on the card.

To each real in purchases with Yebank, the consumer gets a point. 

Another bank that has the alternative is the Original. In this case, the company returns to the customer a percentage of what they spent that month. Depending on the card and amount spent, the return percentage ranges from 0.25% to 1.75% of the bill. The amount appears as credit on the invoice, ie as a discount on what would initially be paid.

In the Batralo bank card, each dollar spent by the consumer generates a return of R $ 0.025 on the bill. If the monthly spend is $ 1,000 (about $ 3,800), for example, the invoice discount will be $ 25.

How to earn money from your credit card varies by card provider, plus the amount you use per month.

When to join?

When to join?

For any of these return systems to be worthwhile, it is interesting that consumers use their card for all their monthly expenses. As for grocery shopping, for leisure, lunch payment, college discharge and so on.

The higher the spending on the card, the greater the cash back value obtained by the individual. But be sure to check if the return percentage is worth in your final monthly budget.

If you do not already use this type of service, contact your credit card company and check the possibility. If it does not exist, joining a common points program may be interesting.

Even though the accumulation of advantages takes longer, over time you can gain some benefits. In most cases, point programs are still free, so there are no impediments to joining them.

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